Your Full Information To The Warrior Weight loss program

Discover out what’s the warrior weight-reduction plan, the professionals and cons, what you may eat and extra about this completely different consuming life-style.

The warrior weight-reduction plan was created by Ori Hofmekler, a former member of the Israeli Particular Forces. In 2001, he printed a e book titled The Warrior Weight loss program – Swap On Your Organic Powerhouse – For Explosive Power, Excessive Power and a Leaner, Tougher Physique.

Since then, folks throughout the globe have been eager to grasp the ins and out of this up-and-coming weight-reduction plan. BOXROX has comprised all the mandatory info it’s worthwhile to determine whether it is one thing you need to do.

Simply know this weight-reduction plan is taken into account inappropriate for youngsters, pregnant folks, folks with diabetes or coronary heart failure, excessive athletes, and folks with consuming problems or underweight.

What Is The Warrior Weight loss program?

The weight-reduction plan is taken into account a kind of intermittent fasting, through which you limit the time you might be allowed to eat. The most typical intermittent fastings are 12 hours or 16 hours with out consuming any energy every day. Hofmekler’s weight-reduction plan takes this method to the subsequent stage.

The warrior weight-reduction plan restricts your consuming window to solely 4 hours. Through the day, for 20 hours, you might be anticipated to devour little to no energy and for a interval of 4 hours you may, primarily, eat as a lot as you need.

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Based on Ori Hofmekler himself, this weight-reduction plan is just not based mostly on any science, however quite on his personal beliefs and the concept that warriors in historic occasions would eat little throughout the day and feast at night time.

What Can You Eat On The Warrior Weight loss program

Through the underrating section (20-hour window of fasting) you might be allowed small parts of:

  • Broth
  • Dairy: milk, yoghurt
  • Arduous-boiled or poached eggs
  • Uncooked greens: mushrooms, onions, carrots, leafy greens
  • Fruits: mango, kiwi, peach, apple, banana
  • Vegetable juices
  • Drinks: water, espresso, tea

Through the 4-hour window in which you’ll as a lot as you desire to, these are the meals Hofmekler recommends:

  • Cooked greens
  • Protein: rooster, steak, fish, eggs, lentils
  • Starches: potatoes, corn, beans
  • Dairy: milk, cheese
  • Grains: pasta, bread, quinoa, oats
  • Fat: nuts, olive oil

Though you might be allowed to eat as a lot as you need in these 4 hours, there are nonetheless some meals you will need to keep away from:

  • Quick meals
  • Fried meals
  • Synthetic sweeteners
  • Sweetened drinks like fruit juice and soda
  • Processed meats (bacon)
  • Refined carbohydrate
  • Chips
  • Sweet, cookies and cake

You’re additionally inspired to drink extra water than the same old 8 glasses per day.

What Is The Objective Of The Warrior Weight loss program?

The creator of the weight-reduction plan, because the title of his e book suggests, believes this consuming behavior will assist folks drop a few pounds and construct muscle on the identical time. Is that true?

A giant drawback is the shortage of analysis specializing in the warrior weight-reduction plan. There are a lot of research on intermittent fasting, however these are normally focused at folks doing an 8-hour fasting window and never 20 hours. And intermittent fasting is helpful for weight reduction.

One research printed in 2007 mimicked a 20-hour fasting window through which folks had been allowed just one meal a day. It concluded that individuals who ate meals over a 4-hour interval within the night skilled extra weight reduction than those that consumed the identical quantity of energy in meals all through the day.

One other research, printed in The American Journal Medical Vitamin, noticed related findings through which individuals who ate all of their energy in a 4-hour window misplaced extra weight than members who consumed the identical quantity of energy all through the day.

Nevertheless, one other evaluate of six completely different research got here to the other conclusion. Individuals doing intermittent fasting noticed no vital weight reduction distinction in comparison with those that had been weight-reduction plan usually, which means that energy in and energy out, on the finish of the day, is what dictates when you drop a few pounds or not.

What’s Caloric Deficit and How A lot Is It Secure?

How A lot Weight Can You Misplaced With The Warrior Weight loss program?

Though there may be little research on the warrior weight-reduction plan, it’s secure to imagine that most individuals would comply with this consuming plan to drop a few pounds, however how a lot are you able to truly lose with it?

warrior diet

The identical research printed in The American Journal of Medical Vitamin concluded that members following the warrior weight-reduction plan misplaced between 3-5 kilos of physique fats in 8 weeks and likewise gained muscle. In addition they skilled a rise in blood stress and LDL ldl cholesterol, which will increase the probabilities of coronary heart illness.

How Lengthy Ought to You Do The Warrior Weight loss program?

As many health coaches and nutritionists will inform you, the phrase weight-reduction plan is normally not related to one thing wholesome. A weight-reduction plan, typically, means one thing with finality, that after you obtain your aim you may return to consuming nonetheless you had been earlier than. And that’s the half some specialists despise.

In essence, most diets ought to be wholesome and pleasurable sufficient which you can keep that consuming behavior for the remainder of your life, thus extinguishing the thought of “weight-reduction plan” and simply making it your consuming choice.

How lengthy do you have to do the warrior weight-reduction plan? Should you can keep it for years, then do it for years, so long as you’re feeling wholesome. In case you are searching for a crash weight-reduction plan to drop a few pounds and are contemplating the warrior weight-reduction plan, we suggest speaking to knowledgeable nutritionist or your physician about it earlier than embarking on this journey.

The creator of the weight-reduction plan, Ori Hofmekler, divided the weight-reduction plan into three weeks phases (detox, excessive fats, and fats loss) after which repeating weeks 2 and three once more (excessive fats and fats loss). It is very important word that research on this weight-reduction plan haven’t made members comply with this consuming sample for longer than 8 weeks.

Professionals and Cons

As we talked about earlier than, there may be little analysis on the warrior weight-reduction plan, however there may be loads of analysis on intermittent fasting. So take these execs and cons of this weight-reduction plan with a pinch of salt (pun meant).


  • Weight reduction
  • Enhance mind exercise
  • Blood sugar management elevated
  • Lower irritation
  • Attainable anti-ageing results


  • Lack of research
  • Troublesome to comply with
  • Pointless for most individuals
  • Might result in binge consuming
  • Starvation and meals cravings
  • Complications and dizziness

Conclusion – Is The Warrior Weight loss program For You?

Should you managed to learn all the things and nonetheless suppose you need to give it a go, then the warrior weight-reduction plan may very well be for you.

Personally, I’ve tried it years in the past and maintained an excessive model of it for two weeks (I solely ate broccoli, rooster and blueberries throughout a 4-hour window interval) and it turned out okay.

Nevertheless, as talked about earlier than, the weight-reduction plan is just not for everybody – kids, pregnant folks, diabetics, folks with coronary heart ailments, underweight or consuming problems.

The warrior weight-reduction plan is an excessive model of intermittent fasting. You probably have by no means accomplished any type of weight-reduction plan earlier than, we suggest not starting with this one. In case you are not acquainted with intermittent fasting both, it’s advisable to start with one thing simpler to comply with such because the 16/8 fasting interval.

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